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Rainforest Remedies! 

Since 1992, saving plants that heal people formulated by Don Elijo Panti & Dr. Rosita Arvigo DN., pictured below.








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Welcome to the Home of Rainforest Remedies LTD       
Distributed in the USA by
 SouthernHeart Health Choices LLC.
& Rainforest Remedies LLC.


It is our pleasure to offer additional distribution of Rainforest Remedies that will ship from California.  We will do our best to provide good service to our custormers because everyone deserves that, right?                                       

The majority of the products we offer are best utilized as herbal tinctures.  We do not offer ready-made tinctures but our sister company in South Carolina does!

(We do offer instructions with your order for making the tinctures yourself & are happy to answer any questions about this easy process~~)

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