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Hortense Formula Herbs

 Hortense Formula

This formula was created by Ms. Hortense Robinson, a famous Belizean herbal midwife, especially for women with uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine polyps and endometrioses.*


Ingredients: Hibiscus, Billy Webb, Oregano, Mexican Wild Yam, Rosemary, China Root, Billy Webb Bark, Cockspur Bark, Maguey Silvestre and John Charles. Tinctures are extracted in Organic Cane Alcohol and Pure Water.


Caution:  Not for use during pregnancy! nor to be combined with any hormonal supplementation nor other herbal supplements or regimens. 


Hortense Formula Herbs

SKU: dho191129
  • You have to consult with your ATC Practitioner if this formula is for you! You can only order it when you are a Practitioner of the ATC  work or with the recommendation of your ATC Practitioner.


  • Available for Practitioners or their clients with practitioner reference


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